The Traveling Vineyard: Providing Jobs to Homebased People

The freelancing industry is experiencing a steady growth in the 21st century. The idea in which people can earn money just by staying at home is considered to be virtually impossible a few decades ago, but with the rise of the internet and a more connected world, working at home becomes at par with working in the office. The best part of working at home is that the schedule is flexible, and one could enjoy working from the comfort of his or her home. Many companies are offering different home-based jobs to people who are interested in doing freelance work. The kind of job also varies, from the common corporate tasks to the bizarre out of this world jobs. One of these companies is The Traveling Vineyard, which gives people a chance to work as a “wine guide.” The Traveling Vineyard has been operating for several years, and they managed to create a dedicated group of wine guides which have rocketed up their revenues. The Traveling Vineyard also has a network of wine tasters and wine experts who are contributing a lot to the growth of the wine industry.

People who are interested in working for the Traveling Vineyard should understand first how their system works. Those who wanted to work as a wine guide should contact the Traveling Vineyard via email or through their website. They would offer a starter kit for those who wanted to try being a wine guide, and an enthusiastic team from the World HQ (the headquarters) would give instructions on how to become a successful wine guide. They would also give out tips and tricks on how to do the job properly, and they will train the newbies for them to become more advanced with doing the work. Once the wine guide is ready, an wine tasting event will be created, and they will be partnered with a local wine taster and event host where the wine tasting event will be held. The wine guide’s job to assist the host in managing the event and to explain to the guests and the wine tasters what wine was being presented. The wine guide must also record all of the information that they get during the event. After the event, the wine guide would create a report about the wine scores, the feedback from the guests and the wine tasters, and if there are any orders. They would have to send it to the World HQ, log it, and the World HQ will take care of the rest. For more info about us: click here.

Being a wine guide requires training, but it is not that difficult. Many stay-at-home moms have decided to take a career path in being a wine guide, and they became successful. The Traveling Vineyard is delighted seeing full-time moms, and jobless people earn money just by being a good wine guide.

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