The Trump Organization Does Business On The Edge Of The Law And Sometime Over The Edge

The Trump Organization likes to sell the sizzle and mislead buyers. Trump and his three children aren’t afraid to give false sales figures to close a deal. And the Trumps are famous for overstating their ownership in certain projects. When Ivanka Trump gave sales figures for projects in Baja California, Panama City, Panama, the SoHo district of New York, and in Toronto during interviews and press conferences, she mislead buyers when she told them how viable those projects were.

Mr. Trump mislead buyers about his company’s financial stake in projects in Tampa, Baja, and Panama, according to a ProPublica report. When reporters asked Trump what his stake in a new Trump Tampa Tower would be, he said it was considerable, but it was less than 50 percent. He said he wanted to increase his stake in the project, but the truth was Trump had no stake in the project, and he didn’t want one. The list of Trump missteps and untruths is a long one. But even though some of his projects failed and went bankrupt, the Trump organization usually profited from their demise.

The Trump Organization likes to license the Trump name, and when they do, they tie legal knots around the owners of the properties. The Trump licensing concept started after Trump became a TV star thanks to “The Apprentice.” Trump told reporters the Apprentice gave him the means he needed to get back into his core business which he claimed was real estate.

D0nald Trump said he would cut ties from the Trump Organization when he became president. But that hasn’t happened, according to several news reports. Trump is still calling the shots in existing projects in India, Indonesia, and the Dominican Republic. Conflict of interest charges continue to plague the president, but he claims his two sons are making all the decisions for the Trump Organization. But the people who work for the Trump Organization, and the people who do business with the Trumps, say Donald Trump still makes all the important decisions.

The Trump saga continues to amaze and baffle, but one thing is obvious. Mr. Trump plays by his own set of rules in business and in politics. And Trump’s critics say those rules break the established rules of proper business and political behavior. The New York Attorney General is looking into the Trump Foundation and other Trump ventures. Trump is a political and legal target for a number of reasons, but that doesn’t bother him. Being controversial is in his DNA.

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