The United States Constitution Amendment- End Citizen United

End Citizen United is the new political action committee, which is devoted to making its name a reality. The organization is campaigning for financial reforms, and it wants to be a big player. In the United States of America 2016 elections, the group contributed millions of dollars to Democratic candidates across the nations who were running for Senate positions and the competitive house. The organization was which was recently launched had raised more than $2 million with the help of small donors all over the United States. End Citizen United’s intention was to raise a total amount of $25-$30 million to be used for the campaign. The information was released by the Communication Manager of the company Mr. Richard Carbo.

End Citizen United has a final objective of passing a constitution adjustment to reverse the Supreme Court’s Citizen United Decision. In 2010 the Citizen United Decision gave birth to super PAC’s, and it released a tidal trend of dark in the political arena. The End Citizen United decision has become so popular such that more than 325000 have signed the petition to demand the passing of such legislation by the Congress. The organization is expecting the number of the people who want change to increase as it has come together with another group Ready for Hillary to push for the passing of the legislation. Follow the organization on LinkedIn.

The End United decision also got support from other Democratic candidates including Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado, and former Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin. During the United States of America campaigns, there was a different group of PAC’s that was involved in the reformation of finance. According to Senator Carbo, the team was different, and he also mentioned that there was a gap during the conversations that was involved in the political side of the reform and it was getting people elected who could bring change in the law.

End Citizen United had a strategy of forming a financial support group which was to be responsible for financing candidates and giving them financial backing including funding television advertisement, polling as well as emails. The organization was also very hopeful to fund campaigns on both local and state levels, but its original vision was to make sure that the constitution amendments were passed to inverse the decision of 2010 Supreme Court.

According to John Wonderlich is a very tough choice for the people who have chosen to go the direction of changing the constitution. Wonderlich is the policy director OF Sunlight Foundation which is a non-partisan firm that promotes government transparency. John also said that it could be tough since America has never passed a single constitution amendment since 1998. During it campaigns, the group received more than 136000 donations.

Learn more about the group on EndCitizensUnited.Org

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