The US Wants China To Stop Building Military Islands In The South China Sea

China is preparing for some kind of war, according to US Defense Secretary Carter. The South China Sea is controlled by the Chinese, and the United States, and Japan don’t like it. China has put mobile military artillery on some of the islands, and that might mean the Chinese are getting ready for a showdown with the Japanese. But if China starts something with Japan, the United States will stand with Japan.

Secretary Carter knows that the world could be facing another war if the Chinese try to force Japan to give up rights to some of the islands in the South China Sea. But China is too smart to instigate a war with Japan or the US.

After all, China is the most powerful country in the world in economic terms. The US depends on China for an assortment of products, and the US owes China a lot of money. If China starts a war with the US, the result of that conflict could be catastrophic for both countries and their allies.

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