There’s A Caravan Of Immigrants Coming Trump’s Way And He’s Ready To Call Up The Military

There’s deep resentment for people who arrive in the United States illegally. Illegal immigrants who want to escape the hardships and the violence in their home country come to the United States to start a new life, reports CNBC. Illegal Immigrants enter the United States in a number of ways, and once they arrive they try to find work and a new life. But a new life in the United States is not in the cards for illegal immigrants on Trump’s watch.

Trump has an obvious hatred for immigrants whether they are legal or illegal, according to several media reports. Trump calls that hatred “Making America Great Again,” but there’s nothing great about separating children from their parents or sending the illegal parents back home without their children. Mr. Trump says he’s standing up for American workers, but most of the workers who do the work American citizens don’t want to do are immigrants. That’s not a new phenomenon. Immigrants from all over the world have been coming to America for centuries, and they do the work, middle-class Americans say is too hard or too nasty for them to do.

The United States does a good legal job in terms of keeping illegals with criminal backgrounds or gang-connections out of the country. But Trump says our legal system allows murders, rapists, and the scum of the earth to come into the country. The Central American caravan filled with people who want to escape the violence in their country want and need U.S. help, but Trump sees the caravan as a threat to national security. The president says the caravan has Middle Eastern terrorists and gang members in the mass of human flesh working its way through Mexico. And Trump wants the U.S. Army to stop them.

Stopping illegals using illegal means is one of Trump’s calling cards, according to the New York Times. But some people say Trump’s new rant about this new caravan will help him in the midterm election. That caravan may never reach the America border, but Trump sees his rejection of the caravan as a way to rally his supporters so they get out and vote.

But the caravan headed for the United States is more about asylum than crime. The immigrants need asylum help and the U.S. has always tried to help. But Trump is against immigrants and immigration, and that makes the legal aspect of immigration more complicated and expensive.

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