Thor Halvorssen Fighting Political Oppresion Around the Globe

Thor Halvorssen is a young, personable, intelligent human rights activist. He began the Human Rights Foundation to champion the struggles of dissidents opposing dictatorial regimes around the world. He was considered as a friend of the conservative right until an interview with Fox News. The Fox News interviewer knew that Thor Halvorssen was opposed to the socialist regimes in Cuba and in his native Venezuela and assumed he would say something negative about socialism, including a denouncement of Bernie Sanders and his socialist policies. But the Fox News interviewer was in for a shock as Halvorssen stated that socialist systems do work in the civilized world and in fact he was an ardent supporter of the Bernie Sanders campaign. Halvorssen and his Human Rights Foundation receive money from both sides of the political spectrum. He is simply opposed to oppression wherever it exists.

Recently The Weekly Standard sent Matt Labash to do an in-depth interview with Halvorssen, and a great deal was learn about this enigmatic, energetic crusader for human rights. Thor was a child of privilege growing up in Venezuela, but both parents instilled in him a sense of personal worth for the common man and demanded that he respect the many staff members working at the house and on the grounds. Both parents had run-ins with the Venezuelan government. His father spent time as a political prisoner, and his mother was shot during a peaceful demonstration against the government in power. It is easy to see how his early life shaped him for demonstrating against oppressive governments.

During the course of the interview, many things were revealed, from his true political leaning, sexual preference, work style, and favorite drink.

Halvorssen bravely puts himself and his staff in difficult and dangerous situations. His Human Rights Foundation deserves consideration for donations from both sides of the political spectrum.

Additional sources: Human Right Activist

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