Thor Halvorssen Looks To Help Oppressed People Through The Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation has been one of the most active entrants into the world of activism of the 21st century after Thor Halvorssen founded the group in 2005. Establishing the group came after Halvorssen had embarked upon a period of work for other human rights protecting groups, which gave him a wide range of experience in assisting people in closed societies. In order to make sure the Human Rights Foundation remained free of political and financial influence Thor Halvorssen led the establishment of a board filled with former political prisoners and politicians.

Oppression is something Thor Halvorssen has a large level of personal experience in within his home country of Venezuela. The position of Halvorssen and his family should have been secure after his father was promoted to an important diplomatic position for the government, but his opposition to the ruling government led to his arrest and torture despite his diplomatic status. Halvorssen’s mother was also impacted by a loss of human rights when her attendance at a political rally ended with her being shot by an unknown gunman.

The Venezuelan film producer, Thor Halvorssen, has set out upon a career as a human rights activist that he continues alongside his position within Hollywood. Halvorssen has looked to work for a number of different organizations to create platforms for the stories of refugees and political prisoners to be discussed, including the well respected Oslo Freedom Forum. In terms of his career as a film producer the work of Halvorssen has spanned the documentary and fiction fields, which often deal with many of the subjects close to the heart of the human rights activist.

The activism of the Human Rights Foundation has taken on many forms, which include the assistance provided for oppressed people who are looking to escape closed societies. The specialism of the Human Rights Foundation is in assisting those trapped in closed societies that are often rarely heard of by the majority of the public; Halvorssen and those who work with the Human Rights Foundation are part of a large network that is bringing the problem of lost human rights to the attention of the world.

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