Thor Halvorssen: Passionate About Human Rights

One thing that it takes to run an effective campaign for human rights is to have a passion and a good amount of energy. Thor Halvorssen has both and plenty more. He is also very wise and humble in his intentions to push forward. One thing he is trying to do is gain the trust and support of many people that are willing to fight for human rights and give them the knowledge that is needed so that they can fight the good fight. They are looking at as many countries as they can in order to bring forth a more humane world.

Thor is also very eager to hear the stories that involve people who have come from more oppressive countries. This helps him gather all of the information he needs in order to address the nature of the oppressive society. This will then help come up with the next step in a series of plans which will ultimately undo the rule in the oppressive society. People of the tyrannical governments will get to experience true freedom. They will also get to know their rights and their worth as citizens of their country. Also, the next generation will get to know what it is like to be treated as humans. Thor at Facebook.

Thor himself comes from a family that has been victimized by oppressive rule. He has also had a few personal experiences of being beaten to a pulp by the tyrannical government. Thor’s father has been imprisoned for uncovering government corruption. His mother was shot during a demonstration. Other relatives of his have been facing the consequences of government corruption. Therefore, Halvorssen has a special kind of knowledge of human rights violations. This knowledge along with an eagerness to get actively involved makes him stand out from among the other activists. for more.

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