Thor Halvorssen Places Human Rights Above Political Games

Politics can be a major part of any human rights group, but for human rights activist Thor Halvorssen the human rights activism community should be an arena where politics play second fiddle to securing the basic freedoms each and every person should be provided with by their political leaders. Halvorssen has often kept his own political beliefs under wraps as he feels making anything more than his beliefs in a liberal viewpoint public would damage the reputation of his own group, the Human Rights Foundation.

Whether it is on the board of his own Human Rights Foundation or working at the Oslo Freedom Forum, Thor Halvorssen has worked diligently to create a series of events and actions that have aided millions of people in the most dangerous environments; Halvorssen works with political leaders from across the world in his bid to achieve greater success in freeing political prisoners and harming tyrannical governments in their many different forms. The Oslo Freedom Forum is often seen as the centerpiece of the work of the Human Rights Foundation, but a series of events have also taken place across the world as the San Francisco Freedom Forum and a similar event held on different U.S. college campuses continue to extend the reach of Thor Halvorssen’s Human Rights Foundation.

In his work with the Human Rights Foundation Thor attempts to keep his own political leanings at one side of the work being completed. However, his actions away from the Human Rights Foundation have often shown the left-leaning tendencies of this University of Pennsylvania graduate who was quick to step in when one of the oldest socialist newspapers in Europe was about to go out of business in the Halvorssen homeland of Norway. Halvorssen has moved between buying the Ny Tid socialist newspaper in Norway to appearing at the United Nations and British Houses of Parliament as he shows how politically adaptable he can be as he seeks to gain more human rights for all people to enjoy. for more.

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