Top Democrats Pull Out Of Trump Meeting

Top Democrats on Capitol Hill had a scheduled meeting with the President that was supposed to happen today. However, they have since decided to pull out of that meeting and cancel it. They say that their reason for doing so is because the President has given them no signs that he is serious about trying to work with them on a tax and budget deal to avert a government shutdown.

According to CNN, the President tweeted this morning at 9:17am that he was going to be meeting with the Democratic leaders, but that he did not see a way forward to a deal because of differences between his vision for the plan and theirs. The Democrats took this to mean that there was not much point to meeting with him if that was the case, and they cancelled the meeting.

Since that has happened, there has been a bickering tone back and forth between Republicans and Democrats over what has occurred. The Democrats say that they would like to work with Congressional Republicans if they cannot work out something with the President. Republicans are saying that Democrats have not acted in good faith here, and that they have allowed pettiness and politics to take over the whole conversation.

The Democrats are hoping to meet with Republican leaders in Congress over this deal, but it is unclear if that is going to happen now or not. The Republican majority in Congress has a lot of its plate right now as it tries to figure out a way to work in a tax reform deal into a bill to keep the government open. At the same time, some Republicans in the Senate have already voiced their concerns with the whole thing, and that could spell doom for any plan that may be brought forth at all. Under these circumstances, it might not be very long before we are all discussing the possibility of a government shutdown as a very real thing.

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