Trump Wants The New York Times To Turn Over Anonymous Source

Bob Woodward new book “Fear: Trump in the White House” painted a picture of a White House in chaos. Mr. Trump said the book is fiction, but Woodward isn’t known as a Washington reporter who writes fiction. In fact, Woodward is a respected White House reporter who makes sure he gets his facts straight. But in this case, his facts are “fake news,” according to Mr. Trump. Woodward stands by his reporting while a New York Times article confirms many of the points Woodward makes in his book.

The Times article is the work of a senior White House official who claims Trump’s cabinet members saw enough instability in Trump to start the removal from office process. But instead of evoking the 25th amendment, they decided to work behind his back and stop some of his off the rails edicts that could create serious issues for the country. Trump’s misguided impulses create an atmosphere of fear, disruption, and disgust in the White House, according to the Times article.

Trump and his loyal followers are trying to identify the anonymous author of the article. But there are so many unhappy White House officials it could be anyone, according to a Washington Post article. Trump said the author of the article committed treason, and he wants the New York Times to release the name of the author. But that’s not going to happen, according to news executives.

The one-two punch that the Woodward book and the Times article are going to be hard to explain away in Trumpian fashion. The questions that will come to the surface now that Trump’s true presidential colors are on display around the world are: Can Trump disprove any information in Woodward’s book, or in the Times article? And will Republicans start to distance themselves from the president? Another question that some people are already asking is, what else does Woodward have on Trump? Woodward may have more damaging tapes that reinforce the points in his book.

According to White House historian Douglas Brinkley, the claim that there is a group of senior White House officials trying to protect the country from the irrational and dangerous decisions made by the president of the United States is mind-boggling as well as unprecedented. Mr. Trump’s presidency seems to be another one of his TV reality shows. But this one may not end well for the president.

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