Trump’s New Attorney, Rudy Giuliani can’t stop Contradicting Donald Trump’s Previous Legal Counsel

Rudy Giuliani has surely had a frustrating couple of days. The former mayor was on Hannity on May 2nd, contradicting Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney. He stopped by Fox & Friends in the early hours of the morning the following day to sink himself deeper into his hole of contradictions.

As Donald Trump’s new personal lawyer, Giuliani went on Fox & Friends to explain that the payment to Stormy Daniels was merely personal: it had nothing to do with the campaign. Only a few short breaths later, Giuliani said if Stormy would have talked a month before the election, it would be a disaster for the Trump campaign. All of this is a contradiction to what Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, said about the payment to Stormy Daniels.

The former mayor had already contradicted Cohen less than 24 hours earlier on Hannity when he confessed that Donald Trump paid Michael Cohen back the $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels.

It appears that Giuliani’s primary defense is going to be that Trump paid the money to Storm in order to save his marriage and not to make him look more favorable to voters.

Whether or not Donald Trump and Michael Cohen committed a crime by giving Stormy Daniels $130,000 will come down to whether the money came from the campaign or Trump’s personal money and whether the two will be able to show definitively where the money came from. For the 2016 election a #2,700 federal contribution limit was in place. If Cohen made the payment with money from the campaign that means the action was an unreported, illegal campaign contribution.

The decision to have Giuliani on television talking about legal matters is a controversial decision by Trump. Not only has Giuliani sank the entire Trump campaign into deeper waters, he has admitted that Trump knew about the payment, contradicting what Trump personally said about the issue.

On the other hand, Trump may care about public image more than legal matters. He could be using Giuliani to gain public support.

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