Two Major Lessons We Can Scoop From Dr. Saad Saad Career Life

There are people that their life leaves assignment and mystery for generations unborn to decode. The life of this qualified and successful pediatric surgeon Dr. Saad Saad is kind of assignment to solve and a lesson to learn right from his childhood days to currently when he just retired from his career after working for over 47 years in the medical field. It is the quest of everyone to know what sustained this legend for all those years yet he has not stopped offering his professional and quality services to his patients even for a single. What really is the drive behind leading such a prestigious career life? We could say it is his commitment to success and always looking forward to achieving better results. For sure, he has left one of the most unparalleled legacies in the world of medicine.

From his birthplace, education, and career we can scoop various lessons but the major two that are vivid and if known by our generation they can adjust their perspective of what they pursue. Let’s get started.

#Lesson 1: Focus On The Ultimate No Matter What

If Dr. Saad Saad was the kind that gives up, then he had all the reasons to do so. Having been born in Palestine in 1940 when there were a lot of changes that involved the relocation of many Palestinians due to the formation of Israel State. The family of Saad happened to be affected by the relocation and somehow they separated from their father for some time before searching for them and reuniting again. The relocation was not that peaceful as you would think; his mother only carried their clothes and was directed to West Bank.

After the reuniting with their father who was a petroleum mechanic, they moved to Kuwait in 1950, where he started his studies. His father kept reminding him that they were strangers and education was the only thing that would guarantee his future in the country. This made him pursue his studies seriously to be the Pediatric surgeon and salutatorian from the medical school. If a Palestinian refugee was focused to be what he wanted despite his difficult situations, everyone else can.

#Lesson 2: The Right Time To Do Something is Now

During his physician life, Dr. Saad learned the beauty of not procrastination. This made him utilize his time very well thus achieved much to an extent of becoming a certified pediatric surgeon to be operating Saudi Royal Family and any child from Saudi Arabia. Through his innovations and discoveries, he was able to save the lives of many children.

It is quite obvious that Dr. Saad Saad life is a lesson to many. He has received various Awards, Honors, and recognitions like from AAP and ACS fellow and well certified by American Board of Surgery. He is affiliated with many hospitals and institutions as well. Learn more:

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