U.S. Money Reserve Turns To Crowdrise To Aid A Texas Food Bank

The crowd funding platforms around the Internet bring together many good causes and people who wish to donate to them. Digital Journal reports the U.S. Money Reserve has created a Crowdrise page that allows donations to be made to the a fund set up to benefit the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. The U.S. Money Reserve has been working with many local community groups to provide assistance to the central Texas area in a number of ways; prior to the establishment of the food bank fund the campaigns of the U.S. Money Reserve had focused on those charitable organizations providing assistance for young people and children.

The Capital Area Food Bank of Texas has been supplying meals for the people of central Texas in an area covering more than 19,000 square miles that cover the majority of the region. This area covers 21 Texan counties that include more than 300 partner agencies benefiting from the work of the food bank. In recent times the need for assistance with the supply of food to many people in central Texas has grown to see recent years hit a record of 31 million pounds of food provided for communities across the area in a single year.

The establishment of the Crowdrise page has brought U.S. Money Reserve to the forefront of the community once more and sees them try to develop a strategy for providing food for many years into the future. The U.S. Money Reserve is hoping its range of clients who take advice and make investments through the company will assist in making donations through the crowd funding pages of Crowdrise. Assisting the Texas food bank is a perfect way for U.S. Money Reserve to give something back to the community over the Holiday season.

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