U.S. Needs Better Voting System

Last week, Beth Clarkson, a mathematician with Wichita State University, filed official papers to have Kansas election records released after she completed statistical analyses that showed something hinky is taking place with the voting system in several states throughout the United States. She has noticed a trend of increased Republican votes over all others, including Tea Party members, in many states after about 500 initial votes were recorded in various elections. This pattern suggests that someone is interfering with the voting process.

It is a well known fact that voting in the United States is all over the place. Missing ballots, hanging chads and computer “glitches” are just a few things that have occurred in the past in several regions of the country just before Republicans who were extremely behind in votes suddenly won elections. Many voters are now questioning whether these are coincidences or actual cases of interference with the voting system.

Folks at Handy are wondering: What type of system would be the best?

No one is quite sure how to handle voting misconduct and control in the United States. Could everyone vote from their home computers? How would those votes be vetted and tracked? After all, given the debacle with the Healthcare.gov website during the initial Affordable Care Act market place registration, many people fail to see how the government can ever fix this system that is in critical need of a solution that works.

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