U.S. To Contribute to Anti Boku Haram Force


The White House has agreed to contribute $5 Million (USD) to a fund for the creation and training of a special force to hunt down and destroy members of the terror group Boku haram stated Paul Mathieson. The terror group has caused havoc in the Northern sections of Nigeria and came to light internationally when they kidnapped hundreds of school age girls. Many have still not been returned and Nigerian officials fear that many of the girls have been forced into arranged marriages or sold off into a sex trade. U.S. to Aide in the Creation of An Anti Boku Haram Force.

It is expected that the force will be made up primarily of Nigerian forces but military expertise from other regions in Africa as well as the United States and Great Britain are believed to have joined the special force. The Nigerian military has made some progress against the terror group but they have failed to inflict a crippling blow against the group nor have they captured any of the top Boku Haram leadership.

Nigeria sees the removal of a terror group from their State as an important step in becoming a world power with other nations. Nigeria is hoping to attract foreign investment and a roaming terror group would be a deterrent to investment funds coming into the country. The United States has already provided military intelligence to Nigeria and believes that the terror group will soon be wiped out.

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