UN Global Compact Recognizes Joseph Bismark and QI Group

Over the years, business has received a less than glamorous reputation. From movies like Wall Street, we have heard corporate phrases like “greed is good.” Time and time again, we see businesses vilified and glorified for making lots of money for themselves and for individuals. And these individuals are propped up high on an imaginary throne for a money hungry public to see and idolize.

But is it all really worth it? Is this the only way to be successful in business? Can we conduct business in a manner that isn’t dog eat dog? Is there more to business than just the profit that we put on ledger sheets?

We see lots of corruption in the news every day when it comes to businesses. But, contrary to popular belief and what news reports may broadcast, there are businesses that are operating ethically and transparently. And of these companies, there are a few that are going out of the way to prove that corporations can work with high ethics and considerations for workers and their conditions.

The QI Group has been in operation since 1998. Since their inception, they have always been an organization that cares not only about the bottom-line, but about the employees that they hire. Recently, the QI Group was recognized by the UN Global Compact for their work in creating and maintaining sustainable business models in the global economy.

It is always been the opinion of the QI Group that a business is only as good as its employees. One of the major players in the corporation’s success, Joseph Bismark understands all too well about how spirituality and business merge, and how that merge if properly utilized can lead to outstanding success.

When Bismark was nine years old, he lived in the Philippines, experiencing a very satisfying and luxurious lifestyle. But that all changed, and he was uprooted from his posh lifestyle to live with monks in a remote mountain range. Over the course of the next eight years, he would live with all the teachings that the monks had to offer him. He left the monks seven years later and returned back to civilization. There, he began a series of businesses, never forgetting what the monks taught him. He managed to fuse his spirituality with his business know-how, and became extremely successful in the process.

Currently, Bismark is the Managing Director of the QI Group, and maintains a leadership position over various aspects of the company. He even created a branch of the company that is exclusively devoted to social responsibility, the same types of concerns that he was awarded the recognition for at the UN.

Source: Yahoo Finance.

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