Since the death of the famous king of pop music Michael Jackson in his Los Angeles mansion in 2009, the world witnessed the rise of his greatest impersonators. The world woke to a shook on the demise of the influential and talented artist who took his fans through his attractive dancing styles.
Among the greatest impersonator that has attracted everybody’s attention is Sergio Cortes. He is 43 years old. He is a Spanish-born citizen who has inherited the pop fans from Michaels. Sergio is talented, but more effort in practices perfects his songs and dances. Sergio is a very similar in voice like Michael. In fact it’s hard to distinguish the two performing in videos that are accessible throught the internet.
It’s also worth to know where the love for Michael began in this talented artist. It began as a child when he met the Jackson five shows when Michael was performing as a teenager. Since then, the young Sergio developed the taste for his songs and dances. He got a morale booster in his teenager when a journalist discovered how talented he was and invited him to a photo session. The session ignited the appreciation Sergio was looking for to appear in the world cameras performing Michael’s songs and dances.
Sergio has the complete look of his famous artist Michael Jackson. He admits that the news of the death of the late star came as a shock and upset him. He then turned aggressive to performing is songs and dances to help the fans bear with the loss. Since then, the world has come to appreciate the greatest and famous impersonator of all time of Michael Jackson.
Sergio currently works with a talent company in Italy that supports the talents for young people and seeks to develop their ambitions. He also performs on numerous shows in tribute to Michael Jackson. Sergio is a very inspiring artist liked by many of his fans. Some of his close friends describe him as very hardworking and disciplined in his training.
Sergio is reachable through his Facebook and twitter accounts. He commands an enormous following in hi Facebook page with more than 16000 followers. The majority of the fans re fan who loved the late king of pop. Sergio says his performances for Michael’s songs and satisfying his fans are his greatest inspirations.

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