Unlikely Candidates Make Up “Justice Democrats” Team

There are a whole slate of candidates that are calling themselves “Justice Democrats”. These are people like Brianna Westbrook who lives in Arizona and is competing in a primary for Congress in the state on Tuesday February 27th, 2018.

She is someone that you might not peg as a traditional candidate by any means. Azfamily.com says that she works as a sales manager at a Honda dealership in the state and has worked their for the last twelve years.

Westbrook describes herself as someone who is hard-working and reliable, just like the vehicles that she sells. She also sets herself apart by taking on the label of being a “Justice Democrat”.

This is a group that was founded by The Young Turks and Cenk Uyger. The goal of the group is to run candidates who refuse to take corporate donations in their campaigns. The idea behind this stance is that a candidate who does not take these donations cannot be corrupted by the money that would otherwise flow into their campaign.

Brianna Westbrook is someone who says that she grew up living in a family that was on food stamps. She is quoted as saying that she “grew up in chaos” and that she even had to dumpster dive on occasion to obtain the food that she required. Those are the kind of stories that you do not often hear from people running for a high office such as Congress.

There are a lot of things that will make the 2018 election cycle very interesting. It is difficult to deny that one of the things that will surely have a lot of people stirred up is the entrance of some of these Justice Democratic candidates. They will definitely help to mix up the conversation that we are having in this country in political terms.

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