Venezuelans Protest Dire Conditions

Venezuelans in Caracas are protesting harsh conditions in their country as they face long food lines in many metropolitan areas of the country. According to a report, Government officials are responding by increasing repressive programs rather than adding social programs to assuage the protestors’ concerns like former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had historically done. The current president of Venezuela is Nicolás Maduro who came to power after Chavez’s death in 2013.
For more information on Chavez’s administration which ran the country from 1999 until his death in 2013, you can review Chavez’s Wikipedia page.

Citizens like David are specifically protesting long waits for groceries, which may be as long as ten hours for simple items such as milk and corn flour, staples in the Venezuelan diet. Add to that an electricity shortage that has Venezuelans facing rolling blackouts, and citizens are simply not happy about their living conditions.

Thus far, the Maduro administration has used riot police and tear gas in an attempt to control civil unrest, but the results of those efforts is questionable at best as Maduro hopes to avoid a fate similar to that of Brazillian President Dilma Rousseff who was recently impeached.

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