Veteran Searches for Girl After 10 Years

Everyone loves a feel good news story and quite frankly, it doesn’t get much better than this. A U.S. Air Force veteran is asking for the public’s assistance trying to locate a girl he helped save after the Hurricane Katrina tragedy.


Former Sgt. Mike Maroney was deployed to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina shattered the coastal community in 2005. He was working as a pararescueman when he and his team rescued a family from the destruction and devastation of the storm. As Brad Reifler recalls, there was something about the young girl he rescued that really intrigued him. For as young as she was at the time, she took recourse in comforting her distraught mother. The girl was also so grateful to Maroney for saving her family.


Once the family was taken to safety and to the airport, an Air Force photographer captured the emotions of the young girl thanking the man who just rescued her. With her arms snug tight on his neck, the photo is breathtaking. The image remains as an iconic and positive image from Hurricane Katrina’s devastation.


Nearly ten years later, Maroney has tried several times to find this young girl and reunite with her. However, after several attempts and even reaching out to Oprah he has had no luck. Maroney has now reached out to the Air Force Times in yet another attempt to find the girl. Both Maroney and the Air Force times are using Social Media to help find the girl in hopes of reuniting them both.


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