Warren and Sanders Op-Ed

On December 17th, Senators Bernie Sanders (VT) and Elizabeth Warren (MA) submitted an op-ed piece to the New York Times titled “Who Is Congress Really Serving? detailing the plight of the middle class and publicly denouncing the Republican party for the impending tax plan. The article feels like a manifesto, bringing to summation the issues separating the two parties on the tax reform vote, in addition to challenging the Republican parties to work with Democrats to pass a budget to support the working class. You can read the article at the link below.

They write this article in anticipation of the tax reform legislation that is coming on the 19th. Majority leader Mitch McConnel is confident that they will have enough votes to pass the bill, despite that the public support for the bill is very low. With massive tax cuts for the wealthy and funding cuts to many social programs, it’s really no surprise that it is so disliked. The Senators urged the Republican party to use the bill to fund more of those programs, such as for mental health services, veterans affairs, student loan debt, and affordable health care.

“Congressional Republicans face a choice,” they write, “Will they spend this week just trying to deliver partisan tax breaks for the rich? Or will they work with Democrats to pass a budget that supports working people?” As information about Senator Bob Corker and others continue to come out, it seems clear that they will not be listening to those words. I only hope that their final sentiment resonated in the minds of Republicans, that, ”Congress has a chance, right now, to take steps that will make life a bit better for millions of working people immediately and in the years to come. We should seize it.”

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