What Nobody Has Told You About Cockroach Milk

Is cockroach milk the next big superfood trend? Writes Lauren Strapagiel in an article dated May 20, 2018. Below is everything you need to know.

Is Cockroach Milk Real?

Yes, it is. But it isn’t made by crushing cockroaches. That is way off the mark. Researchers analyzed the milk produced by Diploptera punctata. This is a Pacific beetle cockroach.

You can find this species in Asia, Australia and parts of Hawaii. The females produce a liquid that their young ones eat in the brood sac. This species is unique as it is the only one able to feed its young ones in this manner.

Although they’re far from being a mammal, this species is unique. It’s the only cockroach species to feed live young this way.”The ordinary cockroaches can’t do that,” says Stephen Tobe. He is a study co-author based at the University of Toronto.

How to Collect Cockroach Milk

This is a complicated process owing to the fact that the bugs don’t excrete the liquid. Researchers cut open Female cockroaches carrying babies in. They took the embryo and removed its head and the end of the abdomen. The midgut was then removed and a pipette used to suck the milk out. The milk was in crystalline form.

Is it Nutritious?

Definitely. Sanchari Banerjee, one of the study authors says that the milk contains proteins. It also has lipids and non-lactose sugars. It is a complete diet to the embryos. The proteins contain all the 20 amino acids. Lipids contain essential fats. Compared to cow and buffalo milk, it provides thrice the amount of energy.

Where can you get it?

Some media coverage makes you believe that you can get the milk in your nearest stall. This isn’t the case as cockroach milk isn’t available for human consumption right now.

But is Cockroach Milk a Superfood?

Superfoods are those foods with high nutritional content and are healthy. Going by this, you can call this milk a superfood.

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