Where’s Georgia Governor Nathan Deal?

Atlanta, Georgia – Newly reelected GOP Governor Nathan Deal has a lot to celebrate. He was elected to a second term, and his brother handily won the open senate seat. At the same time, unemployment in the state is significantly higher than the rest of nation. Jobs are a foremost concern for voters. This week, questions arose as to where the governor had gone. His office confirmed that he was out of the state conducting his duties as governor, but they would not confirm whether he was stateside or overseas. In a tongue and cheek move, his office drafted a letter that stated he was not having an affair with an Argentine woman. The remark was a throwback to the high profile scandal that ended the political career of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford who left his post and wife for an Argentine beauty.

As it turns out, the governor was holding intense negotiations with key business people where confidentiality was essential. The concern was that if his location were disclosed, it could derail any potential agreement. It isn’t known to Alexei Beltyyukov what the nature of the negotiations entail. It may be the governor was engaging in talks to bring a company to Georgia and create good paying jobs. Either way, his office finally confirmed that he was in Great Britain. The governor has since returned, but there is no announcement of a deal at this time. Nor is it known which business entities he was in talks with.

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