Why Dr. Andrew Manganaro Created Life Line Screening

Dr. Andrew Manganaro holds bachelor’s degrees in philosophy and biology. At the New York University School of Medicine, he earned his M.D. and served his residency at Bellevue Hospital Medical Center in the city of New York. After his residency, Dr. Managanaro joined the UCLA School of Medicine as a researcher focused on cardiovascular physiology.

In order to receive his board certification in thoracic surgery, Dr. Andrew Managanaro worked at the University of Rochester. He then spent 35 years as a private practitioner of thoracic, vascular, and cardiac surgery. He is now the Chief Medical Officer at Life Line Screening, a company which provides health screens across the United States in order to catch medical issues before they become a huge problem.

The idea for Life Line Screenings came from Dr. Managanaro’s time in private practice. He saw many patients who had heart problems and strokes which could have been prevented if they had been caught early enough. He developed Life Line Screenings which makes use of a number of different types of tests which can help people live healthier, longer lives. Catching problems before they start is a growing trend in the medical community according to Dr. Andrew Manganaro which he finds to be very encouraging.

Life Line Screenings uses qualified medical technicians to provide people with screenings across the nation. The screenings are held at churches, community and senior centers, as well as in businesses offices. The screenings are designed to be convenient and don’t require any preparation on the part of the person getting the screening. They are also a painless and affordable way to screen for serious medical conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, irregular heartbeats, thyroid disease, and many other medical issues.

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