Will Michael Cohen Flip on Trump? Trump’s New Attorney Believes so

NBCNews is reporting that Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer was wiretapped by the FBI. Michael Cohen is the lawyer who paid porn star, Stormy Daniels $130,000 for her silence regarding an affair between her and Trump. Cohen is currently under investigation for this payment as FBI agents are trying to determine if this money came from the Trump campaign, Trump personally, or Michael Cohen’s own pocket.

Detail on the length of the wiretap is still unknown, as NBCNews’s sources simply say that at least one phone call was recorded by the FBI. The wiretap was in effect weeks leading up to the raid of Cohen’s offices, but the wiretap could have been installed through some of the transitional process.

It is confirmed by two sources who know Rudolph Giuliani, Trump’s new personal lawyer, that Trump was in contact with Cohen post-raid on Cohen’s offices. Donald Trump ignored his legal counsel when he made these calls and was ordered to refrain from further contact in the future, due to fear of the phone calls being monitored by the FBI. It is unknown at this time if the recorded call NBCNews’s source spoke of includes a conversation with Donald Trump.

Giuliani, in an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, confessed that Donald Trump paid Michael Cohen back the $130,000 dollars used to pay off Stormy Daniels, raising more questions than it answered. Donald Trump has previously denied paying Stormy Daniels off.

Trump’s new attorney is also warning Trump that Michael Cohen may become an FBI informant, making a deal with the FBI in exchange for information about Trump.

Michael Cohen has represented Donald Trump and his organizations for decades. If Michael Cohen flips, it could be detrimental to the entire Trump legacy, not just his Presidency. Cohen likely has information about Trump dating back to the late 80s and early 90s, but he would also have a majority of the details about the Trump Presidential Campaign and the Trump transitional team.

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