William Saito Leads as One of the World’s prominent Cybersecurity Authorities and State Advisor

William Saito was born and brought up in Los Angeles, CA, a new residential location that his parents had settled after immigrating from Japan. He graduated from Damien High School in California and later joined the University of California in Riverside in 1989. While in junior high school, William Saito started his journey of cybersecurity through software programming. He also founded his company while still in high school, a step that he actualized when he joined the university. In 1991, the cybersecurity guru incorporated his company as Input/output Software firm.


In 2011, William Saito was appointed to lead a team of National Diet Committee in IT and technical support. In this position, Saito was tasked to provide IT assistance in investigating the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. In the period between 2013 and 2017, he served as a cybersecurity advisor to the cabinet office of the government of Japan. At this time, William Saito doubled as a leading counsel to several ministries in the government. Saito won the mind of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during his tenure in office that he was among the top advisors of the PM.

William Saito worked as a member of the technical task force that dealt with 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. He was instrumental in the ministries of science and technology, education, culture and sports, as he advised on policymaking. In the realm of the private sector, Saito also served as a strategic consultant for Japan Airline in 2015.


Between 2014 and 2015, Saito held the position of advisory board member of The Japan Times. During this time, Saito also served as a consultant to two different companies in Japan that deal with retailing and public relations. As an experienced professional, William Saito demonstrates vast skills in innovation and information technology. Saito has vast expertise in program and executive management from the various positions that he has held in governmental organizations. From his profession, he has mastered the art of risk management for corporate and business enterprises. The advisory positions he has held has strengthened his evaluative mind through decision making and policy formulation. In 1998, Saito was crowned the Entrepreneur of the Year by several organizations including NASDAQ and USA Today.



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