Women in Power-Susan McGalla

Even though statics have shown that companies with gender diversity are 15% are able to perform well while ethnic companies are 35% more than the diverse organization is likely to perform even better than companies which are not ethnically diverse. It is trusted that the reason why these companies are able to perform even much better is that they are open-minded which opens way to new ideas. However, even with the diversity of this manner and the statistics only a few percentages of the women are involved and hold top positions. It is known that there are women who have struggled to reach the top positions in leadership, while on the other hand there are women who like Susan McGalla who have been in the forefront of assisting other women to achieve their dreams of becoming leaders in their organizations.

Susan McGalla grew up with boys being the only girl in a family of two brothers and a father who was a football coach. While growing up, Susan had to work as hard as his brothers and that has enabled her to reach her top position as a woman among many men. Ms. McGalla has served in the American eagle outfitters and while serving in the organization, she was able to climb the career ladder despite the fact that all the executive members were men. McGalla served as the President of the group before establishing P3 Executive Consulting. She is an excellent leader who has been holding various top positions include her current position as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for Pittsburg Steelers. The company’s top positions are dominated by men. To get to the top Susan was part of the campaign “wear what we wear” which encouraged people to purchase Steelers gear.

Susan McGalla can well be described as an American Businesswoman who has also held various top leadership and a management position in several organizations which include; being the Chief executive Officer of the Wet Seal Inc. the woman who is considered ambitious and a go-getter began his career serving at Joseph Horne Company where she held several managerial positions. Susan later moved to American eagle Outfitters in 1994.

Susan is not only a woman leader but she is also a private consultant for retail and financial investment industries. She is also a woman who has served on various Boards among them; HFF Inc. where she was the Board of Director. Susan McGalla is hardworking and committed to all her duties.

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