Workville: A Leading Provider of Quality Shared Office Spaces in NYC


Shared working spaces are quickly becoming a popular alternative to more traditional style work environments. Instead of having a very hierarchical structure like normal office environments, co-working spaces offer more of a collaborative feel. Employees are free to work at their own pace without having bosses breathing down their necks or causing them undue amounts of stress. People have more freedom to feel like their own boss, instead of an overworked employee.

Interestingly enough, not only are small businesses and freelancers taking advantage of this trend, but also large corporations are starting to do so as well. The benefits that companies find with utilizing this alternative is not limited to size or industry. Every company has a chance to benefit from this new practice of co-working environments.


Workville NYC is a company that is dedicated to providing high quality co-working spaces in the heart of the Big Apple. There office is conveniently located at 1412 Broadway, just a short distance from major hubs of transportation as well as Time Square and Bryant Park. This ideal location makes their offices easy to access from all points within the city. Workville offers three types of office spaces including move-in ready offices, shared offices and open desks for all types of business needs. Their offices come complete with all of the necessary amenities. They have high-speed WiFi to make sure that their clients’ work flows consistently. Three terraces, a lounge and cafe provide additional work areas for those who like to move around as they work.

Private phones are conveniently included in the offices ensuring clients can stay connected and on top of things. All of the office spaces receive daily cleaning to maintain a comfortable and clean environment. Workville has also implemented a personal mail service making even these shared offices feel like private spaces. The addition of free coffee is a nice little touch to keep those work-a-holics going strong. Perhaps the most enticing aspect about Workville’s shared office spaces is the atmosphere of success that is created from all of the quality start-ups and small businesses that work there collaboratively.

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