Writer Jaime Garcia Dias

For more than twenty five years Brazilian native Jamie Garcia Dias has continued to be one of Brazil’s most adored and respected writers. Garcia began his impressive writing career when he was very young. It was then that he published his very first book at the tender age of just eighteen to much acclaim. Since then, Dias has not been content to just write. Dias has also has expanded his skills to teaching. He specializes in teaching literature so that he can continue to help others learn the joys of Portuguese language and literature with many other people. His excellent was widely hailed as a young person. Dias received his very first literary prize when he was only thirty. The White Crane is one of the nation’s most prestigious literary awards. As he approaches the age of forty five, he has continued his work in this field by publishing many additional books and continuing to receive a great deal of acclaim.

Dias continues to draw upon his vast understanding of many areas of Brazilian literature. He also continues to help push forward the very boundaries of the Portuguese language. This is a proud tradition that has allowed him to continue to construct many of his impressive and highly complex novels.

In doing so he, he uses the the Brazilian varied tradition that has a history of writing that dates back to the very Colonial period in Brazilian literature. His work encompasses many field of Brazilian literature including work that makes reference to such periods as well as work that is set in contemporary Brazilian society. As a result of his full understanding of such fields, he has continued to enjoy a vast fan base of people who are delighted to follow his work and learn from his many insights into both his local world and the larger world in which we all live.

Jamie Garcia Dias is noted both for his understanding of such work today and his ability to provide insights into the kind of ways that the past history of Brazil has helped shaped the contemporary world of Brazil. His writing continues to open up new ways in which such writers can think about the kind of forces that have helped make them into who they are. Many influences are seen in his writing including that of his father who was also noted for his many writing skills. Dias hopes to continue to help expand the field of Brazilian literature in the future and provide Brazilians with even more literary resources as they continue to evolve a literary tradition that is both adored and respected abroad by millions of adoring readers of all backgrounds.

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