Your best financial partner; Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is identified by many as global lender and an advisor in the different financing solutions. The firm has experienced more transactions in both the stock and margin loans, in a moment where lending institutions have tightened and hardened their overall lending criteria. It has become the only solution possible for individuals who are in need of raising capital in a short period of time. It has also become convenient for persons who have been disqualified for extra credit based loans.

According to the founder of the firm, Al Christy, loans collateralize by stocks are viewed as an appropriate option for raising the required capital. For the potential investor, equity first Holdings offers different borrowing opportunities, but in most cases specialize in stock-based loans. Stock-based loans have been seen to provide minimal restrictions. With that in mind, the borrowers have the chance to use the money given in a variety of ways as the firm doesn’t impose the particulars. This means that the customer will pay at a minimal interest rate which in most cases is 4% but might be lower.

We all know that all loans carry some certain risks. Clients who are given the stock-based loans are allowed to depart the transaction without attached obligations. The stock will be used as the collateral entity thus an added advantage of assessing the loan and using it according to your preference. In most cases, those who benefit most from the firm include;

  • Individuals who want to raise capital faster. Borrowers who would like to acquire money quickly have been seen to benefit from working with Equities First Holdings. It is convenient because one doesn’t have to give a lot of documentation for one to qualify for a loan. In most cases, the loans are issued against stock and that all is needed.
  • Those not qualified for bank loans. Individuals who are not qualified or eligible for bank loans have a chance of acquiring their loans from Equities first Holdings. Compared to traditional banks, Equities First has fewer restrictions as their interest rates are friendly and cheap. They allow giving loans to borrowers who have been pushed away by the bank’s rules.

It all begins by approaching the firm and allowing them to help you with your financial problems.

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