Your business relies on a great reputation management service


As a business owner I know firsthand how important online business reputation is. Back in the day online reputation involved pacifying customers via phone but today things have changed. We live in a world where everything is accessible through blogs and through my personal favorite, social media. On social media it is very hard to manage the opinions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Snap Chat. Reviewers can go online and say they hate you just because they love your competitor more. Or they could say they hate your company just because they hate one of your competitors. It’s almost like a give and take situation. You get some good reviews and you get some bad ones but the struggle comes with trying to manage them all. After all when is the last time you have been able to filter an opinionated teenager or even adult?

As you scroll through the internet you have no other choice but to see that there are many websites out there that have negative reviews. Where there are negative review there also positive ones but one must actively engage with their customers to find an equal balance with both. Managing your brand has so many pros and cons and if you’re not careful could impact your bottom line. In the same token you must also be mindful that having positive reviews can have a global impact. It just depends on what’s out there. If you’re not sure what’s out there, a reputation management service might be useful.

Consider Jet Blue Airways they love to focus on providing convenience for the customer and making sure they always have a positive environment and attitude. While building this brand reputation has taken time it has stuck and so when customers want convenience with their air travel they know to go to JetBlue. While this is great it is also a hindrance. If a customer has complaints and goes online to review JetBlue in a negative manner then it could be hard for a company like Jet Blue to bounce back simply because they’ve been known for their positivity.

A good reputation is hard to work towards but it is easy to lose and so while online reputation is important it must be understood that it takes time and the time can’t be rushed.

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